Why Video Dating Works


Communicating with someone in person, falling for them based on mannerisms and creating that spark is hard to replicate when you’re dating online, but we believe that’s about to change. Our video dating feature provides you with a safe way of getting to know other members face-to-face before meeting in person.


Video dating helps you see the person in real time, see how they move, see how they act, how they laugh and helps you make better judgments or decisions based on something real.


The introduction part and getting to know someone through ‘personality’ or ‘spark’ is usually created online but can be limited to photos, emails or messages. Although you receive instant responses you can’t get a feel for your date until meeting in person. Findmeyou offers both options, time to look and time to date. Our video date feature speeds up your dating process and enhances your online experience.


Imagine viewing someone’s profile, their photos, and their interests, but not being able to date them safely without arranging to meet in person first? Imagine someone takes your fancy, but they live too far away to date face-to-face on a regular basis? We have solutions for those situations, our video date feature helps you date safely and in a more relaxed environment than ever before, your own home.

Why is video dating such a good idea and what problems can it solve?

Fake Accounts


False Photos



Broken Hearts

How does video dating help members enjoy a safer dating experience?



Safe Dating





Being honest when starting a new relationship is so important, that’s why we provide you with all the necessary tools to enjoy a safe, transparent dating experience. Video dating reduces your chances of being scammedThere will always be problems that affect members using online dating sites, but there will be fewer mistakes and less disappointment if you can instantly see, hear and interact with your date before meeting in person. If you’re video dating please adhere to our video date rules and terms of use policy

These elements and the chance to see your date in the flesh in real time bring together the two essential things in order to move on from the online dating world, to the real dating world, safely.


The online spark
 personality – tastes – words – looks – communication – humour
Observation (video date)
body language – mannerisms – voice – expressions – laughter – looks

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