Online Dating Sucks

Are these your experiences and thoughts when someone mentions online dating?

“Online dating sucks, Men suck, Women suck, Love doesn’t exist through a screen and online dating is hard to navigate”.

For many loveless singles, online dating can feel like a job. The idea of going to work again when arriving home to search endless profiles for a chance of finding love or excitement can make the most determined dater feel apathetic and tired before they even begin.

Because online dating involves both physical and emotional energy the results are often less than encouraging and can leave you feeling drained where love is concerned. The misconception is that people believe that the dating websites should be doing all the work for them and if they aren’t finding love, then the website doesn’t work. However, this isn’t the case.


Don’t blame the websites!

Some dating websites have better features, some are free, some give you a better choice of singles and some try to do all the work for you, yet still, all the matching is completed by a machine or algorithms, which can often be wrong or temperamental. Rather than relying on the dating websites to do all the work, you should be prepared to put more effort in yourself?

Ask the question: What can I do to yield the best results for me?

The words ‘online dating sucks’ are thrown around too loosely, those who use online dating websites need to understand that the dating platforms are only there as an aid to finding love online and can be a way to meet potential dates in a more relaxed setting, yet only for this reason.

There is no magic science behind online dating websites, the only magic is the moment you connect with someone. Before the hard work begins, make sure you’re dating right, make sure you’re using the website right and don’t fail to write a half decent profile; one that will make someone sit up and take notice…

Profile is key

Are you the kind of person that joins a dating website, fills in a few blanks, answers the awkward questions, uploads a photo, then starts to search your prey like a cheetah hunting down their prize gazelle?

Do you start every email or chat conversation with ‘Hey’ ‘Hi’ ‘Yo’ or ‘Your gorgeous’?
If so, Imagine what this is like for the person on the receiving end, the one having to deal with these amazing imaginative introductions. Let’s be honest, it can’t be very appealing for those who are hoping to date you in person.

Choose your photos wisely
Choose your words well
Try to describe yourself well and be honest

The reason online dating sucks

Your profile can’t be left to chance, your profile reflects who you are. Having a well-written profile will make it easier for the other person to make a decision on whether to contact you or not. Be creative, be out there, and make the most of this tool when selling yourself online, paying close attention to what you write in your profile will give you better results, instantly.

Is dating just a numbers game?

Unfortunately, dating can be a numbers game if played incorrectly. Despite all the clichés and myths, the data tells us that an old-fashioned approach to dating does not pay off and can lead to frustration, confusion, self-doubt and a loss of confidence.

Dating as many people as possible, hoping to find that magic one may be the wrong way to approach your dating plan, yes, that’s right I did say ‘dating plan’.


The dating plan

Why approach dating any differently than you would your career? You wouldn’t go along to a job interview without knowing what the job is or what responsibilities you may have, so why approach dating and relationships any differently?

Make a plan, ask yourself what you want, be realistic, keep expectations in check and date strategically, by having a plan that suits what you actually want will bring positive results and make you a more empowered, confident and successful position when it comes to finding someone right for you.

Remember, you want to find love online, but the person you’re trying to find also has their own agenda and requirements that must match yours, so don’t ever consider dating as a one-way road that is designed to help you to find someone regardless of what you or they want. Online dating is an amazing invention and if used correctly with the correct expectations, then there’s no reason why you can’t find love online.

Just go for it!

Follow this advice and never say ‘online dating sucks’ again.


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