Dating Within Your Budget

Online dating and looking for love can be an expensive affair!
Dating within your budget has to be a priority in order to succeed.
Some daters have to set aside a regular budget to make sure their search for love can continue, because of living commitments dating is not always the first priority on everyone’s list.

As a result, the all-important ‘search for love’, often gets set to the back burner!

The recent surge of online dating makes it possible for everyone, anywhere, to find love within their dating budget.The majority of people using online dating websites have to choose very carefully between unpaid and paid services, especially when choosing the right website based on value and whether that website has the preferred clientele to meet their preferred tastes. Let’s consider the differences between free and paid.


Free Dating

Free dating sites can be great for those on a budget because it’s certainly ‘dating within your budget’, and there are often lots of potential dates to choose from. The downside to free websites is the ‘quality’ of people using them or the reasons they might be using a free dating website!

You may find that free dating websites attract some people who aren’t necessarily looking for love or a long-term relationship, and sign up to find a booty call or are bored and like to flick through the profiles.

Free dating websites will have plenty of choices, and although you may spend a lot of time trawling through endless profiles, you may find love. However, if people aren’t investing money; then more often than not, they aren’t investing in finding love!


Subscription Dating

If you’re looking for a better quality service and a more meaningful relationship, you may want to consider subscribing to a paid dating website. People that have invested money into finding love tend to be more serious about their pursuits, providing you with a better quality of profiles to choose from who are often verified and serious about finding someone online.

Better security

Paid services often have better security and features to help you succeed and because members have to provide their bank/credit card details you’re less likely to experience scammers as each member can be identified and traced.

Keeping up to date

Because members are paying for a service, then they’re more likely to keep their profile active and updated. If the paid dating website provider is honest like ‘Findmeyou’, there shouldn’t be any fake profiles or members created by the dating website itself, no fake emails sent internally to entice you back (posing as potential love interests) after you delete your account, and your user experience should provide better results due to no unused/fake profiles showing up on the system.

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Dating Within Your Budget

Dating can be an expensive hobby, trying to find ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’ right can be a costly and time-consuming process, especially if you’re having to spend money multiple times before finding the right one.

Outfits – Date nights – Online dating subscriptions – Travel


Dating Includes Hidden Costs

It’s always good to be honest and open about what you can and can’t afford. There’s enough to think about when dating, without the added pressure of money and affording extras for the date itself.



dating within your budget

You want to look your best on a date, right? If you’re dating regularly then don’t worry about wearing the same outfit more than once. Don’t overbuy or over think the occasion, concentrate on looking good and feeling good within your own skin and dress sense. Try not to buy expensive outfits just because they’re branded, expensive or impressive, your date should like you for you, not your clothes.


Date Nights

dating within your budget

Choose places that are romantic, relaxed and impressive, but not overly expensive or pretentious. If going for a drink instead of a meal is your thing, then do it. If you prefer a coffee date instead of the cinema, then do it.

If your budget is tight and you want to get to know someone without the expense then suggest things that don’t cost the earth. You never know, that date might just be the best they’ve ever had, besides, if they’re that into you then they’ll be prepared to date anywhere?


Online dating

dating within your budget

If you’re thinking of venturing into the online dating world, then do your research. Make sure the dating website you choose works for what you’re looking for, make sure its tailored to your needs, provides a good service and is good value for money. Don’t waste money on dating sites that fail to help you find what you’re looking for.



dating within your budget

If you’re travelling to meet someone then you might want to suggest meeting halfway in a neutral location or take it in turns to date in each other’s towns. Travelling can sometimes make or break a relationship before it’s even taken off, so if you’re dating within your budget then to keep costs down try to search people by place and choose dates on a bus or taxi route.

If you can’t find anyone within your location then video date online until you know the person better and are more willing to take the leap across the country or world.


The Date

It’s a real mood killer when someone moans about money on a date, ‘how much’ or ‘how little’ you have should be of no concern at this stage in the dating process. Dating doesn’t have to clear your bank balance, and impressing your date for a short period of time won’t help you in the long run.

Just because you’re dating within your budget it doesn’t mean that romantic and fun date ideas don’t exist. There’s a big difference between cheap dating and being tight, and sometimes the most romantic spontaneous dates are on a shoestring, so don’t worry or over think about how much money you need to spend. Instead, worry about making a good impression!

Think about the quality of the date, the quality of conversation. Worry about whether your date is enjoying themselves, whether they’re having fun, or if they’re enjoying your company. Avoid being tight for the sake of being tight, spend where you need to spend and always be yourself.

Honesty and realistic expectations are the most important things when it comes to dating within your budget. Dating is about making a good impression, getting to know someone better and working out whether they’re a good match.

So, regardless of how much money you have or don’t have, plan your dating options accordingly and go find someone who fits within your life and your dating budget.


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