Check out some of our dating Features designed to help you find love.

Verify with Findmeyou

Three-step verification: email, mobile & video snapshot. If you pass verification then you’ll receive a blue tick on your profile, being a verified member instills confidence in other members that you’re a real person and that you look like your profile pic.

best dating features

Flirt bubble can save you from awkward silences and keep conversations flowing.

Sometimes those first few messages or interactions online can be awkward and no one likes silences, so we’ve come up with flirt bubble. Whether you’re instant messaging or video dating, keep thos all important conversations flowing without the worry of thinking of interesting things to say with Findmeyou flirt bubble.

best dating features to help find love

Face-to-face video date safely with Fmy.

Video Dates can help you sift out those scammers and dishonest daters who may be using fake profiles or outdated photos, as well as making your online dating experience fun. Simply book a video date through Findmeyou, see how other members look in real time, how they talk, see their mannerisms and the way they laugh without leaving Findmeyou.

best dating features to help find love

Use Close By to find dates near you.

Close By uses Geo-targeting and members IP Addresses to show you potential dates close by. Close By will show you members on a map that are near you geographically. This is a great way to search other members that live in a specified location from where you hang out or live, learn more

best dating features to help find love

Interests matter! Find people who like similar things.

The interest bubble is a great way to find people with similar interests to your own. When you create your profile, add as many interests/hobbies as you like to the Interest Bubble (separate with a comma). Click on extras – interest bubble, choose to filter by gender then connect with like-minded people.

dating app with the best dating features

Share your media tastes from within your profile.

Findmeyou makes it really easy to upload Photos, Audio Files, and Video Files. Audio and Video files are streamed from the member’s profile page. You can share your audio, photos, and videos with other members.


Track the dates you’ve been on and members you’ve spoken to.

Date log enables you to keep track of the dates you’ve been on with other members. When viewing another member’s profile, simply click on Date Log, that profile will be added to your log. This is a great way to keep track of what your date was like and how your date went.

dating app with the best dating features

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