Learn How To Date – With Findmeyou

So, you want to learn how to date? You’re at the right place, and we’re here to help you find love. Our mission is to provide you with an honest dating experience from sign up to finding love. Our features will give you the best chance of finding love, the honest way. We strongly believe in a ‘what you see is what you get philosophy’ an old-fashioned view of dating but in a modern world. Although we recognise that dating in today’s fast-moving world has to be:


We also recognise that people need real experiences and real interaction based on honesty well before they meet and in person, so that’s why we can give 100% assurance that our members profiles are checked, verified and real people. You need to trust the dating service you’re using before letting your guard down and following your heart, which is why Findmeyou Dating provides this honest service in all areas and all regards, giving all our members the confidence to date online and the chance to find someone without the worry. We provide features to tackle online scammers, we don’t hold false member accounts, fake photo’s or dead profiles (out of date user accounts) and we won’t contact you internally pretending to be a member from our dating website.


Our mission

  • To help those looking for love make better decisions based on real member profiles and face-to-face interaction.
  • To offer the ability to dig a little deeper, but online.
  • To only hold fully verified member accounts and real people on our system.
  • To reduce the daunting task of ‘finding that right person’ by guiding and helping our members using our features through the entire process.
  • To eliminate some of the potential problems that are often found on dating websites such as; fake member profiles, fake member photos, online scammers, and fake email marketing.


Learn how to date the honest way – how it works
You can choose to book a date with a member you have been interacting with or a random member, it’s entirely up to you. As long as you are both premium members our video date feature will be available to use as many times as you want. Send a video date request, wait for their response, they can accept or reject your request. If they accept, it’s time to plan the date.

Send a date request / choose a date-time-duration / date face-to-face

Choose from a 5-minute,15-minute, 30-minute or 45-minute date. If the date is going well and you both get on well then you have the option to extend the date for a longer period, if it’s not going so well, you can abort the date at any time. Because each date ends automatically after the period of time chosen this can help alleviate the added pressure of dating face-to-face.

You must always be respectful and adhere to our Privacy Policy and Terms&Conditions when using our video date feature.
Complaints will be dealt with seriously. Complaints regarding obscene behaviour will be investigated and may result in permanent removal from Findmeyou Dating. In some cases, it may involve the police.

Don’t be embarrassed or worried about using our Book a video date feature.
Most people use Skype or Webcams to talk to people all over the world every day. You will have to meet in person sooner or later.
This feature simply breaks the ice and is a more affordable, safer and provides a relaxed way of getting to know someone better before the dating in person process begins.


Learn how to date using face-to-face interaction
Video dating gives you the opportunity to see other members in real time, to see each other’s mannerisms, and to help you and the person you’re dating make better choices regarding compatibility or whether you’d like to meet each other in person. Because you can see members in real time, a video date will give you the confidence and help remove any pre-misconceptions or worries you may have about who you’re talking to, especially when those pre-misconceptions are based on messages and photos. The world of online dating can be a very daunting environment, so testing the water first by booking a video date can save time, money, and avoid future disappointment.

If you have any questions that can’t be found here or in our FAQ’s section please Contact us.

All the information and advice on findmeyou.com is subject to personal tastes or experiences. 
There is other dating advice available from many other sources, the advice on Findmeyou.com is given to protect and help our customers when searching for love. Although we can’t be responsible for our users dishonesty, we do advise against it. Findmeyou.com is an honest based dating service, we hope to provide our users with an honest on-line dating adventure and experience. This does not mean our advice will guarantee our customers dating success, but will give them the tools and best opportunity for finding love.